hello MARCH

it seemed to me like january/february would never end, but march is finally here. and spring! which makes me the happiest girl on earth. winter with its darn cold is gone and the first teeny tiny flowers are showing up. we can hang out in our garden again and enjoy the sun. easter is just a few weeks away. i am already excited!

are you also excited about spring or do you already miss winter?


mail monday

i admit it, i have a problem with greeting cards. i am addicted to them. whenever i see a cute one, i need to buy it. most of the time i find an occassion to write these cards, too. if not, i put them in books, magazines, boxes,...only to find them years later! *sigh*
on saturday i bought the pretty little box pictured above to finally get rid of my "card chaos". now all my greeting cards have found a new home and i am well prepared for really EVERY occassion. aaand, as you can see, i am ready for valentine´s day!

and because i looove getting snail mail so so much, me and a friend of mine recently started a project called "52cards", which basically means we are writing each other a greeting card/postcard every single week this year. and i´m gonna show you what i had in my mail so far next monday. so stay tuned!


BEAUTY: drugstore shopping

i´m enjoying my time in the mountains A LOT! it´s quiet and relaxing. today it even started to snow, which makes the landscape even more beautiful.
we are only leaving the house for a little grocery/drugstore shopping.
i bought shower gel and body lotion samples that smell divine (like blood oranges and lemons *yum*) and soft apricots to satisfy my craving for sweets (which i, thank god, hardly ever have). i found the catrice "skin finish compact powder" for only half the price and needed a new one anyway, so i thought i could give it a try.
has anyone of you already tried it? or any other suggestions for a powder for sensitive skin?


LIFE: saturday

last saturday was pure bliss. sleeping in felt oh sooo good! followed by sipping hot herbal tea, reading one of my favorite magazines, trying a new mani (this time "turquoise&caicos" and "glorious aquarius") and writing my to-do list for the next week. it was such a perfectly quiet morning!

the complete opposite started when we met this little lady and her mum in the afternoon. it was exhausting, but SOOO much fun. she fell in love with LL and seeing him interact and play with her just melt my heart!
(sorry for the bad quality. it´s a pic from my cellphone!)


FASHION: a little sale shopping

recently i have discovered my love for blouses. and i LOVE polka dots. so when i saw these two pretties i couldn´t resist buying them. they were dirt cheap. too! yay! the nude one is perfect for spring and you can never go wrong with black, right?
the blue one was a gift from my mommy and i have worn it multiple times now together with my fake leather pants. i am really a fan of simple outfits like that. you look put together, but never overdressed!