LIFE: a list

here are a few of my currently favorite songs:

the knife - "heartbeats"
avalanche city - "love love love"
the shins - "simple song"
gomez - "see the world"
bon iver - "skinny love"
marina and the diamonds - "primadonna"
the weepies - "i was made for sunny days"
she and him - "in the sun"
radical face - "welcome home"
diddy ft. skylar grey - "coming home"
regina spektor - "don´t leave me" (i can´t wait to see her live in three weeks! yay!)

what are your summer favorites?

3 Kommentare:

  1. Omg I love all of these songs. Seriously. And radical face song sounds like winter to me.

  2. Ich lieeeebe "comig home", sehr schönes Lied :)

  3. @elle: yup, it´s definitely more winter, buuut i was searching for that song for sooo long and now i can´t stop listening! :-)