Lovely Little Things

three things that made me HAPPY last week!

1.) my owl necklace
there are only a few animals that i like as much as i like owls (penguins for example). so of course i could not resist buying it!

2.) body lotions
the left one smells sooo good and the one in the front is perfect for my suuuper dry skin (it works wonders for me and is dirt cheap. so if you have dry skin too - go and buy it!)

3.) haloumi vegetable skewers
my love for haloumi is well known amongst my friends. i made those skewers yesterday, and boy, they were D-E-L-I-S-H!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Owls are just so darn cute! I have an owl ring that I pretty much wear every day.

  2. i have an owl ring, too! they are really one of the cutest animals ever!

  3. Oh my gosh that set up a Halloumi Craving! My young man is from Cyprus, and I am addicited to the stuff. Yum! That sounds like a recipe to try.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on Chambray & Curls, it made me smile!

  4. @laura: i love haloumi since i was little. one of our neighbors was working for the UN and living in cyprus for quite a while. and he always sent us little "care packages" with LOTS of haloumi!
    if you love it, too, you should definitely try those skewers! ;-)