BEAUTY: travel essentials

when travelling, i always try to pack light. both, clothes and make-up. it´s always a challenge, but i think, i am not that bad at it.

here´s what found the way in my make-up bag for our weekend get-away:
the PERFECT moisturizer (origins "starting over"), clinique´s "all about eyes" serum, my favorite powder (manhattans´s soft compact powder in chocolat), alverede blush in pastell rose, clinique´s high impact mascara ( i use it for years now and LOVE it), eye shadow and eyebrow pens, red lipstick (this one is from guerlain), a neutral lipgloss, lipplump from benefit, a mini nailpolish (essie´s "tour de finance) and my favorite hand cream from l´occitane ( it smells divine! unfortunately, it was a limited edition and is no longer available. meh!).
and facial blotting and mattifying papers. i always keep those in my handbag!

do you guys think that´s too much? or did i forget anything?

6 Kommentare:

  1. die handcremen von l'occitane sind soo guuut!! mjam.

  2. great list. I love Clinique's All About Eyes too.

    I always worry that I am forgetting something, so I tend to overpack myself.


  3. i am always looking for good moisturizers, do you have fairly dry skin?


    1. i have super dry skin! the girl at the origins counter suggested i should try "starting over" and she was sooo right! plus, it smells divine! :-)

  4. I do a gel nail so I can skip bringing polish

  5. der Averde bronzer sieht toll aus,weisst du noch, wie teuer der war?:)
    Wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag!