Lovely Little Things

three things that made me HAPPY last week!

1.) the best apricot streusel cake recipe! it´s how they make it at the famous austrian bakery demel and although it takes some time, it´s totally worth it!

2.) a little sale shopping. i am especially in love with the left ones. they are a dark blue and perfect for fall! i wore them yesterday (feels like fall already) and these shoes are one of the most comfy ones i own.
the others are more for summery weather (if it ever is coming back!) but for 2.95.- i had to take them!

3.) LL was able to get tickets for the already sold out regina spektor concert! i love him. he is amazing! only three more days of waiting. in the meantime i´m listening to her new album 24/7. my favorite song is this!

3 Kommentare:

  1. Regina specktor!! gahhhh! i want to goooo

  2. I love Regina Spektor!! That cake looks amazing.


  3. Die Schuhe isnd ja toll und so schön günstig :)

    Also das Mars Eis ist total genial, es schmeckt so gut und vom Preis her auch wirklich toll, 6 Stück kosten ca. 2,50€