Lovely Little Things

three things that made me HAPPY last week!

1.) i´m so happy with how our sun deck turned out. we spent as many eveings as possible up there last week. sipping a glass of wine and listening to music is our new favorite thing to do to relax!

2.) we have made these pineapple/coconut skewers several times now as a quick dessert when bbqing. they are so incredibly delish and such a crowd pleaser. sprinkle them with some rum and they taste like pina colada on a stick. seriously. super yum!

3.) books about (modern) art. i LOVE art, especially the one of the 20th century. and i enjoy reading about it and soaking up things i didn´t know before. if i would have the money, i would definitely start collecting and investing in art. like buying a little more expensive pieces of new and upcoming artists.
but for now we are happy with our prints we found on etsy!

6 Kommentare:

  1. das haben wir in frankreich gefunden :D

    liebe grüße

  2. Mmm... Coconut skewers. Must try them out.

  3. vielen lieben Dank! die Uhr hab ich von meinem schwiegervater geerbt, steht leider auch keine Marke drauf .. ist also eig eine männeruhr: P

  4. That pineapple-coconut kabob looks really really delicious!

  5. I love your dessert idea. I have to try it myself.