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i was tagged by the lovely Ti.

so here are my 8 facts about facebook:
1.) i joined facebook in 2008.
2.) my dad is on facebook, too. my mum, well, she neither knows how to text nor how to write a mail. enough said.
3.) i use facebook mainly to stay in contact with my friends who live all around the world.
4.) i currently love watching videos of little madoka, the toddler girl from one of my friends who is living in tokyo.
and i am beyond excited that the two will be in vienna in less than a month!
5.) thanks to facebook you can find my name in matchbook magazine.
6.) i looove failbook. whenever i´m having a bad day, i heading to this site and i´m feeling better immediately.
7.) when reading status updates i more than often think that some people must have been asleep during grammar lessons in school.
8.) i often post pics of food, but that´s ok. i´m a foodie!

2 Kommentare:

  1. Finde ich super, dass du mitgemacht hast :)

    Ich glaube meine Mutter würde bei Facebook auch überhaupt nichts verstehen :D

  2. Oje oje.. ich bin zwar bei Facebook benutze das aber vorwiegend um Werbung für den Blog zu machen. ;-D
    Lustigerweise ist meine Mama bei Facebook aber dafür mein Papa nicht. ^_^

    Liebe Grüße