FOOD: a lunch date with my mum

before i had to head back to vienna on saturday i had lunch with my mum here. during winter months it´s THE place for all the stars and wannabe-stars. in summer, it´s more quiet, but the view is still amazing and i really like the interior of the "panorama lounge". they even have a huuuge open fire place.
the food, oh my, let me tell you, was incredible! the pumpkin soup was heaven and exactly what we needed on a cold day. the pork tenderloin was delish, too. i am normally not such a fan of pork, but this was right a point and the vegetables were how i like them the most. not cooked for too long and just a bit of salt added. simple, but sooo good!
i enjoyed spending time with my mum and it makes me a little bit sad that we can´t do this more often because there are more than 500km between us. she is fantastic company!

4 Kommentare:

  1. I live far from my mother too, so I totally understand. Sounds like you have had a nice trip though.


  2. Hallo :) Ich habe dich getaggt, du kannst ja mitmachen wenn du möchtest.


  3. oh that pumpkin soup looks incrediable! cant wait for fall flavors :)

  4. sieht extrem lecker aus, das hätt ich jetzt auch gerne.
    und bitte auch mit dem traumausblick ;)