FOOD: simple things

yesterday LL and i were running errands in the inner city and made a short stop at Meinl am Graben. i bought my weekly dose of peanut butter sweets (o how i miss peanut butter m&m´s!!!), LL surprised me with salami. LOTS of it, as you can see in the pic. and because my favorite bakery in vienna is just around the corner, we went there, too, and got some fresh bread rolls. joseph opened a year ago and back in may i was able to try their walnut bread. it was THE BEST bread i have ever had and since then i am coming back regularly to buy my whole wheat bread, bread rolls and other delicious treats.
for dinner we had a variety of salami on bread rolls together with pickles, bell peppers and a sliced cucumber. definitely nothing special, but sometimes we prefer having these simple things instead of a 3 course meal.

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