LIFE: august

september. i was waiting for you for sooo long and i am beyond happy that you are finally here.

august was, in just two words, extremely exhausting:
x lots and lots and lots of hours spent on the road or on trains
x a wedding, that we had to leave way too early because of me being sick
x a suicide
x our apartment was broken into

above are only a couple of things that happened in august. i am glad that it is over, because it was by far one of the worst months i have ever had. so please excuse that i have neglected my little blog for so long! buuut, i am back and have already a few new posts prepared!

pumpkins, apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, cardigans,....! fall is just around the corner and i am sooo excited! it is my favorite season!

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  1. Das klingt ja furchtbar :( Tut mir leider, dass der August so scheiße für dich war. Fühl dich ganz lieb gedrückt und freuen wir uns auf einen schönen Herbst!