LIFE: a little shopping in italy

this year, i didn´t buy any clothes, mostly because i didn´t like the colors (dark green / black). so instead i shopped the things above. not pictured are my two favorite new pieces. i´m gonna show you these beauties tomorrow. they definitely deserve an extra post!

1.) tote bag in camel. i love that the inside is a bright orange. it makes me happy everytime i see it. also, it was reduced from 69.- to 15.-! uhm, yeah, great deal!
the shoes are more kaki than brown. i was searching for a pair like that for sooo long. can´t wait to wear them next week!
the nail polish is a glittery orange and reminds me of fall. and the eyeshadow, well, it glitters. how could i possibly say no to something that glitters? both are from a brand called astra. i have never heard of it before, but i have already tried the eyeshadow and it is amazing!

2.) polka dots, yes please! my mum bought me these things so that i can make yummy italian coffee at home (i am a little old fashioned when it comes to coffee. we already have a french press, which i really love, but we will NEVER EVER have one of those nespresso machines. no, just no!).

3.) we bought what felt like 10lbs barilla pasta. it´s the BEST! they have that angel hair pasta that i haven´t found in austria yet. and they have sooo many different kinds. it´s heaven! besides, it´s much cheaper than here!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Haha, man kann nie genug Nudeln haben ;)
    Die Schuhe sind ja der Hammer und überhaupt haben deine Einkäufe eine sehr schöne Farbzusammenstellung, das schreit doch quasi nach Herbst.
    So eine Espresso-Kanne habe ich auch zuhause und liebe es mir damit Kaffee zu machen, dazu gibt's dann immer 'ne Menge Milchschaum und irgendein Aroma...sooo lecker!

  2. Those shoes are fabulous. Love 'em.

  3. Wow, I had no idea that Barilla was really sold in Italy. You found some really cute things.