LIFE: a day at the (petting) zoo

last week LL and i spent a few hours at a (petting) zoo in lower austria. it was freeezing and we were the only ones in the whole park but i was the happiest girl on earth (cute bunnies and a baby donkey! eeek!). we bought bags of pet food at the entrance and the thing i loved most was the fact that we were able to feed almost all of the animals. donkeys, sheep, goats, camels, deer and yaks just to name a few. my favorite were the zebras. the one in the last pic was really excited about seeing us (and all the food we brought along).
it was such a perfect day and although the weather was pretty bad we enjoyed it a lot. i was wearing my winter coat but i guess that´s were i caught my cold. the good thing, today i am feeling a lot better than the days before! halloween, i am ready!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Haha, das letzte Bild ist so genial :) Sehr gut getroffen

  2. Did you get to feed a zebra? I would absolutely love that!! I am as much a sucker for a petting zoo now as I was when I was a kid.


    1. yup, the zebras were my favorite! they were uhmazing! i couldn´t stop petting them. they have the softest fur! :-)

  3. Den Tiergarten kenn ich gar nicht.


  4. keine ahnung wie die teile heißen..wir haben in d arbeit aber kistenweise davon gesponsert bekommen...;) nomnomnomn!
    das zebra is tolllligst :D

  5. Oh these pictures are too cute. I especially love the last one, with the zebra.