Lovely Little Things

three things that made me HAPPY last week!

1.) thanks to hessnatur i am able to try one of their products. a dark blue cardigan with elbow patches made of 100% natural virgin wool. it is sooo unbelievably soft and i can´t wait for cooler temperatures to finally wear it!
and DM was giving away essie nail polishes on facebook. i was lucky (and quick!) enough and got "ballett slippers". i am not quite sure whether i like it or not. it is definitely not a color i would normally buy and applying it was sooo tricky. yet i liked the pretty neutral color on my nails. it is something new and different. hmmm!

2.) these ham and cheese muffins were to die for. if something includes warm, melted cheese i am in! to make it a bit healthier, i added a little side salad. even LL loved it!

3.) i found these new to me yoghurts at the grocery store. they are named after famous cakes (linzer torte/sacher torte/schwarzwälder torte). so far, we have tried "sacher torte" (chocolate yoghurt with apricots) and "linzer torte" (hazelnut yoghurt with red currant). both were great, but LL and i preferred "linzer torte"!

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