Lovely Little Things

i´m a bad blogger. bad, bad blogger. but hey, these last two weeks were pretty exhausting. getting up at 5am four times a week and working till 7pm was really tough (for me!).
right now, LL and i are on a little "staycation" in lower austria (we haven´t planned a fancy trip, because we are currently saving for two "special" trips next year!) and so far we LOOOVE it! we´ve seen lots of nature. and lots of fog, which, together with all the pear trees makes the landscape look like straight out of "sleepy hollow". a bit spooky, but sooo beautiful and perfect for halloween. we´ve also found a stray kitty, went to the (petting) zoo and made a day trip to styria. unfortunately i cought a horrible cold, so all further adventures are put on hold until i am feeling a little bit better. meh!

here are 3 things that made me HAPPY the past two weeks:

1.) chestnuts: my godchild collected them for me. i especially love the ones in the first row!

2.) new magazines: o how i LOVE magazines. "flair" is a new german one, which you unfortunately can´t get here in austria ( thank god my parents live close to the german border, hehe). it´s about fashion and interior and the layout is so freakin´awesome! i haven´t finished reading "the simple things" yet, but i saw a raspberry brownie recipe on one of the pages, which is a MUST-TRY pretty soon!

3.) walnuts: thanks to my inlaws we have tons of them. they are my favorite nuts, especially during fall time. i always use them in my apply pies/cakes! *noms*

tell me, do you have more ideas how i could use those walnuts? :-)

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  1. Kastanien sind toll und erinnern mich immer an meine Zeit im Kindergarten, dort standen so viele Kastanienbäume. Im Herbst haben wir daraus immer kleine Tierchen gebastelt.
    Die "The simple Things" habe ich mir auch gekauft und finde die wirklich gelungen!
    Liebe Grüße
    (btw. welche großen Reisen stehen denn nächstes Jahr an???)

    1. ohhh ja, wir haben auch immer tierchen gebastelt!
      wir wollen nächstes jhar gerne eine freundin, die nach tokio ausgewandert ist, besuchen. und ein etwas längerer trip an die US westküste wirds wohl auch noch werden.

  2. I love chestnuts, especially this time of year. I don't have any new ideas for using walnuts, butit would be fun to make ice cream out of them.


    1. i would LOVE walnut ice cream, but we don´t have a freezer! :-(

  3. I usually use walnuts in a kale or basil pesto. Super easy!