mail monday

i admit it, i have a problem with greeting cards. i am addicted to them. whenever i see a cute one, i need to buy it. most of the time i find an occassion to write these cards, too. if not, i put them in books, magazines, boxes,...only to find them years later! *sigh*
on saturday i bought the pretty little box pictured above to finally get rid of my "card chaos". now all my greeting cards have found a new home and i am well prepared for really EVERY occassion. aaand, as you can see, i am ready for valentine´s day!

and because i looove getting snail mail so so much, me and a friend of mine recently started a project called "52cards", which basically means we are writing each other a greeting card/postcard every single week this year. and i´m gonna show you what i had in my mail so far next monday. so stay tuned!

5 Kommentare:

  1. Greeting cards can make such great collectibles! And are especially great for potential wall decor. So there's no shame in hoarding them ;)

  2. Hey,

    Den Geldbeutel habe ich im Sale bei Accessorize gekauft! :)

    Liebe Grüße

  3. hihi es war unglaublich, er hat sich wirklich selbst übertroffen :P Wir waren in einem Hotel inkl Wellnessen, Dinner, Übernachtung unf Frühstück - ich bin immernoch ganz baff! ^^


  4. Hi!! We need a greeting card update:) What a fun idea. I love them too!!

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