FOOD: spiral dogs and a quick dessert

ever since i saw THIS video on apartment therapy i knew i had to try it. super easy and super cool. and super impressive when you are hosting a party! oh, and delicious too!

and the dessert, well, LL wanted something that includes chocolate. we ran out of eggs, so no baking. then i found these store bought tartelettes, simply covered them with chocolate and put some strawberries on top. et voilá! chocolate AND strawberries - more than happy LL!
and that piece of chocolate on the right? that´s supposed to be a penguin. i tried to make some but they didn´t turn out as pretty a i wanted! well, next time...

2 Kommentare:

  1. your spiral dogs came out just perfect! good work. and you're right, they do look impressive. im sure my nephew would love this!

  2. Wie lecker sieht denn das mit dem Spiralen-Hot-Dog aus? :D Sehr genial