INTERIOR: cloth&goods

two weeks ago i won a giveaway from cloth&goods over at frolic!.
frolic! was, together with this, the first blog i started reading four years ago. i LOVE both! they are beyond amazing and so inspiring.

so i was getting pretty excited when i saw that there was something from the US in the mail today. my dish towels! from portland! they crossed the pond! yay!!! LL was like: weeell, others win clothes or make up. but winning dish towels is sooo you! ahem. yes it is. he´s right.
the packaging was simple, but lovely. exactly how i like it. the dish towels are made of indigo dyed fabric in japan and are 100% cotton. i´m especially in love with their color! so many different shades of blue. there´s only one problem: they are way too pretty to use, so i am thinking about framing one of them and hanging it above our dresser in the living room.

check out the cloth&goods site here! if i could afford it, i would buy all of the pottery immediately!

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