Lovely Little Things

three things that made me HAPPY last week!
(wifi here in italy is slooow, so uploading these images took me forever. thank god it´s a rainy day and i have plenty of time!)

1.) our new bar cart:
we re-arranged our living room last week and now we finally have enough space for this cutie. now we only need to get some more booze and the party can start!

2.) beauty goodies:
i love korres ever since i first came across that brand 8 years ago. their pomegranate moisturizer worked wonders and most of the shower gels smell fantastic.
i bought the honey thyme cleansing scrub for my sensitive skin. it is great.my skin really felt "clean" afterwards. although, for me, it smells a bit too much like honey. i haven´t tried the shampoo yet, but i liked the size of it. it´s perfect for travelling!
and the burt´s bees lipbalm, well, the mango scent is to die for. and i haven´t found something similar yet that works that great for my always dry lips.

3.) blackberries:
my favorite late summer fruits. we were able to pick A LOT of them in lower austria. so one of the first things i made back home in vienna was blackberry jam with roasted almonds. beyond delicious!

3 Kommentare:

  1. Der Barwagen ist ja wunderbar! :-)
    So einen hätte ich auch gerne, aber mir fehlt leider der Platz.

  2. i too love korres. my fave scent is jasmine!