Lovely Little Things

three things that made me HAPPY last week:

1.) roasted carrots with thyme: the minute we came across that recipe in "the simple things" my mum and i knew we have to try it. we are both vegetable lovers and espcially my mum likes to experiment with herbs. we added onions, cherry tomatoes and a bit of lemon thyme.
and wow, it was super yum!

2.) home made linzer cake: my mister loooves it. me, not so much. and although it was super soft and moist i still prefer cheesecake. i used raspberry jam this time but i think next time i am gonna stick to the original recipe and use red currant again.

3.) snow: winter came a bit early this year. whenever i am staying in the mountains at my parent´s place i really love my winter wonderland. ask me again about my love for snow when i am back in vienna! ;-)

5 Kommentare:

  1. That picture of the snow covered tress is just breathtaking. Austria is so beautiful.


    1. it is almost magical in december!
      yet, if i could i would immediately move back to the bay! :-)

  2. I love roasted root veggies too. Looks yummy!