VIENNA: neubaugasse flea market

a few times a year the whole neubaugasse turns into one huge flea market. LL and i were always talking about going, but never actually made it. until friday. it was extremely crowded and for a short time i felt like being back in the mission in SF. way too expensive and way to many wannabe hipsters. we didn´t buy anything and pretty quick moved on to running a few errands in the first district.
the little box is a flea market find, though. i bought it 10 days ago at the "coffehouse flea market" (which was a bit disappointing. i was looking for tea pots, but there weren´t any. at least not beautiful ones. meh!).
i have absolutely no idea what the writing on the box means, but i think it´s pretty cool and i will use it for my loose black tea.

6 Kommentare:

  1. och schade..keine ausbeute :(...ich war da auch mal..hab damals ganz günstig ein tuch gekauft ;)

  2. oh I would love to see that! How cool

  3. puuh, so viele menschen. bin froh, dass ich ihn dieses mal ausgelassen habe :)

  4. Was für ein toller Blog....und auch aus Wien? :) Der Markt ist leider vollkommen an mir vorbeigegangen :(
    Freue mich über deinen Besuch auf meiner Seite. Hab einen guten Wochenstart!